What We Do

Part of the wider Transition Towns national network , Transition Bath is an intensely practical organisation, creating ways to make the inevitable move from a high-carbon to a low-carbon society; a positive step that will benefit the residents of Bath.

img_7503.jpgWe will need to find answers to some challenging questions:

  • How can we reduce Bath’s dependence on oil? (Peak Oil)
  • How can we reduce Bath’s carbon emissions? (Climate Change)

We are approaching this task in a variety of imaginative ways:

  • We show innovative and topical films to raise awareness of Peak Oil and Climate Change and hold forums where people can discuss these issues.
  • We organise talks and activities to highlight what can be done and how this can be achieved as well as giving presentations to interested groups.
  • We facilitate action groups that meet about a particular topic e.g. energy and food and run training sessions and events to teach new skills.
  • We work with B&NES Council to keep Climate Change and Peak Oil at the forefront of their thinking.
  • We have both instigated and supported projects that have become independent in their own right. These include: Dry Arch Community Supported Agriculture project in Bathampton, Bath and West Energy Company and Fare Share Food project

Ultimately we do it together, as community, through practical and visible projects.  To find out more about the Transition Network(including the 12 steps of transition) visit:

We have recently published a statement of intent. This document outlines our future vision and direction.  It can be downloaded here .

For further information about Transition Bath please download our leaflet.

Who We Are

Transition Bath is a community, run by people like you, who care about the environment and our future. As part of the Transition Network, Transition Bath can and does mean many things to many people. 

EnergyGroupPlanningMeeting.jpgHowever, it has at its heart a single purpose: to build a strong and resilient local community. We do this through practical positive actions and projects that demonstrate new ways of living, build stronger communities and equip us all with the skills we will need.

Our ultimate goal is to create an energy descent action plan (a shared vision and strategy of how we may move from high carbon ways of living to low carbon ways of living) that we can both adopt but also live by. By planning and making changes now, we will ensure a positive future.

We welcome anyone who shares our goals to work with us to bring about these changes.  To find out more please contact us at

How are we Structured? Transition Bath has recently registered as a charity (registration number 1139853 ) and is a company limited by guarantee.  We have an elected board of trustees and a Transition Bath Core Group at its heart that seeks to bring those involved together to make decisions and take action as required. In addition we have specific action groups focusing on key topics from retrofitting to transport.

The Trustee Group The Trustee Group comprises of the following people:

  • Peter Andrews – Chair
  • Ailsa Masterton Vice-Chair
  • Hugh Prentice – Company Secretary
  • Paul Stansall

Core Group: the Core Group manages the day to day running of Transition Bath and hold a monthly meeting to make decisions on Transition Bath’s future, the group includes

Peter Andrews (Energy) Ped Asgarian (Transport) Lyn Barham (Food)
Ailsa Masterton (Food)
Hugh Prentice (Food) Paul Stansall (Energy) Virginia Williamson (Food)

Why Transition

We are living in an age of unprecedented change; it will not happen within our grandchildren’s lifetime, it will not happen within our children’s, it will happen within ours. The time to act is now.

Climate Change is a reality that makes the reduction of carbon emissions essential.

Peak Oil makes it inevitable.

Global oil, gas and coal production is predicted to irreversibly decline in the next 10 to 20 years, and severe climate changes are already taking effect around the world. The repercussions are likely to be catastrophic if we do not prepare.

 “Our central survival task for the decades ahead, as individuals and as a species, must be to make a transition away from the use of fossil fuels – and to do this as peacefully, equitably, and intelligently as possible.” Richard Heinberg, author and activist

“There is scientific agreement that we must cut the greenhouse gas emissions driving Climate Change by at least 80% by 2050. The Government has legally committed the UK to this goal, and to achieve it will require urgent change across all human activities and industrial sectors.” Soil Association

The Transition Movement is an effective way to engage individuals and communities to take the action that is required to mitigate the effects of Peak Oil, Climate Change and the economic crisis. Transition efforts are designed to result in a life that is more fulfilling, more balanced and more socially connected than the one we live today.

You are welcome to join us in our journey. Together we believe we can make a difference.

Statement of Intent

This document provides an outline of Transition Bath’s future direction. It is intended as a framework to aid and guide us all by setting priorities and ensuring we take action around the issues we feel are most important. It does this by defining key objectives and giving examples of projects we see being developed.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of priorities and actions, nor narrow our vision to the projects explicitly stated within it. Rather, it is simply an understanding of our intended future direction at the time of publication. This document will be reviewed frequently.

It’s our future. Together let’s take positive action to realise and build it.

Our statement of intent is available here: Download Statement of intent – here


Our 2013-2014 accounts are available here, more information on our income and expenditure is available on the Charities Commission website here.