Lewis House Solar PV

BWCE installs 37.5 kWp of Solar PV on the council offices at Lewis House in Manvers Street

BWCE is just completed the installation of 37.5 kWp of solar panels on the council offices at Lewis House, on Manvers Street in the centre of Bath. The panels should produce about 28,000 kWh of electricity per year, which based on the buildings DEC certificate should offset about 8% of the buildings annual electricity consumption. The 28,000 kWh of electricity will offset about 16 tonnes of carbon each year. The panels are orientated east-west and at a shallow 25angle which we presume is so they are not visible from the street but still self-clean when it rains – we hope the seagulls don’t interfere with them too much? The council have also been refurbishing its offices at Lewis House over the last few years, trying to reduce the council’s overall carbon emissions, this work includes the installation of energy efficient lighting.

We hope this installation serves as an example to other building owners in the centre of Bath that it is possible to unobtrusively install solar PV panels and not only reduce their carbon emissions but their electricity bills as well.

It is a busy month for BWCE who are in the process of raising funds for their biggest project to date the 2.34 MW Wilmington Solar PV farm just outside Marksbury. If you would like to contribute to reducing Bath’s carbon emissions and at the same time receive a target 7% investment return (equivalent to 10% with EIS tax credit), BWCE’s share offer is open until 14th November. The new farm is due to be installed and in production by the end of this year.

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