Transition Bath responds to B&NES Placemaking Plan Consultation

We have responded on your behalf to B&NES council’s Placemaking Plans which will shape plans for Bath into the foreseeable future. The detailed consultation document of 325 pages covers everything from plans for the development of individual  sites and areas within Bath, to more general policies on food, transport, the built environment, energy and environmental […]


Should the government use strict environmental regulation to control global warming? Constituency survey.

An interesting online survey, if it is to be believed, suggests that the residents of Bath’s Parliamentary Constituency have a much stronger belief government should employ strict environmental controls to control global warming than the residents of the surrounding North West Somerset Constituency. Given there is only a single question, whose wording includes the word […]

Free training courses for tradespeople and community groups

If you apply  between 9am on Monday 19th January 2015  and 5pm Friday 30th January 2015  B&NES Energy At Home scheme will be providing free training and certification programmes for trades-people and community groups. More details are available here:  If you are having work being done on your home at the moment we would encourage you to point out […]

B&NES Placemaking Consultation Dec 2014 Aerial Photo

B&NES Placemaking Consultation

This consultation runs until 30th January 2015 and aim to provide the following for Bath: allocate sites for development for housing, employment and other uses to help meet development needs identified in the Core Strategy; review and update the development management policies used in the determination of planning applications facilitate the delivery of key development […]

LED Lighting Kit Small

Transition Bath Try-Before-You-Buy LED down-lighter kit now available to borrow from the library

Our Try-Before-You-Buy LED down-lighter kit is now available to borrow from the library – further instructions how to borrow the kit are provided here: . The kit consists of 40 different LED GU10 and MR16 LED lights which can try, to decide which you prefer before buying. We would encourage anyone connected with Transition Bath to […]

Community Energy Consultation

B&NES Community Energy Strategy Consultation

B&NES Council have launched their Community Energy Strategy Consultation and would like to know what you think about their strategy? The deadline for your feedback is 31st December 2014. The strategy calls for 7 MW of renewable energy and 11 MW of renewable heat to be installed each year between 2014 and 2029, which is quite […]