Summary of Parties’ Election Manifesto Commitments for Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

To save you looking it up for yourself we have tried to summarise the major parties’ manifesto commitments for Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change: Conservatives   Manifesto: Energy: Investment in energy research in Blackpool (fracking), Cumbria (nuclear?), Thornton (fracking). Midland Energy Research Accelerator: research in shale gas, carbon capture and storage, energy storage. Energy […]

BWCE Wilmington Solar Farm Under Construction

Wilmington Solar PV Farm goes live

The 2.3MW Wilmington Farm Solar PV Farm went live on the 25th March and is now contributing electricity to the national grid. On Wednesday April 8th it was generating 1.9MW enough to power 650 homes enough to power the nearby villages of Marksbury, Compton Dando, Woollard, Hunstrete, Chewton Keynsham, Saltford and Stanton Prior.

MPs Fracking Pledges

Has your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate pledged to oppose Fracking?

Greenpeace are running a campaign asking all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to oppose Fracking. To date in Bath Steve Bradley (Lib Dem), Loraine Morgan Brinkhurst (Independent) and Dominic Tristram (Greens) have all signed. However Julian Deverell (UKIP), Ben Howlett (Conservative) and Ollie Middleton (Labour) haven’t. This compares well with what the candidates said at our hustings, with the […]

Blower Door Image

New Transition Bath Energy Group Blower Door Project

The Energy Group has decided to start a new project, which is to construct or purchase a blower door to test air permeability in buildings. Blower doors are used in the building industry to see how leaky new homes are and building regulations require that they are better than 10 m3/m2/hour. Blower doors use very […]