BNES Placemaking Policy SCR1 10pct

Impact of B&NES Placemaking Plan SCR1 Renewable Energy Policy

Since B&NES Placemaking Plan was adopted in July policy SCR1  which requires large developments (10 or more homes) to deliver properties which out-perform minimum Building Regulation carbon emissions by 10% delivered by renewable technologies, we have been objecting to planning applications which don’t meet this policy. Almost all of the planning applications made by developers […]

Keynsham Civic Centre

Keynsham Civic Centre named best workplace of 2015

The British Council for Offices (BCO) has named Keynsham’s Civic offices as the best workplace for 2015. The offices in Keynsham are very ECO-friendly and is one of the few buildings in the UK which has been designed to meet the DEC ‘A’ rated standard. Transition Bath would like all new offices in B&NES to […]

Example solar farm with wild flowers

Government consultation on solar PV: 87% cut in FIT support tariffs

The government has just announced a consultation which will reduce solar FIT tariffs by 87% from around 12p/kWh to 1.5p/kWh. This reduction has the potential to significantly reduce or completely kill off any future domestic and community solar PV installations in the UK, at a time when the government is providing significant support and subsidies […]

Bath Press Site Planning Proposal

Transition Bath Objects to Old Bath Press site planning application

In July we objected to the planning application for the Old Bath Press site for 244 new homes by the Lower Bristol Road, our detailed response is available here. From a sustainability perspective we were unhappy with the application: Provision of 12% affordable homes The assessment that Combined Heating and Power (CHP) is not feasible […]

Roseberry Place Planning Proposal

Transition Bath response to Roseberry Place planning application

In June Transition Bath responded to the planning application at Roseberry Place, our formal response is here. The proposal is for 200 flats to be built on the corner of the Lower Bristol Road and Windsor Bridge Road. Our view of this development was mixed there were some positive elements: Shared bike and pedestrian routes […]


Transition Bath responds to B&NES Placemaking Plan Consultation

We have responded on your behalf to B&NES council’s Placemaking Plans which will shape plans for Bath into the foreseeable future. The detailed consultation document of 325 pages covers everything from plans for the development of individual  sites and areas within Bath, to more general policies on food, transport, the built environment, energy and environmental […]

B&NES Placemaking Consultation Dec 2014 Aerial Photo

B&NES Placemaking Consultation

This consultation runs until 30th January 2015 and aim to provide the following for Bath: allocate sites for development for housing, employment and other uses to help meet development needs identified in the Core Strategy; review and update the development management policies used in the determination of planning applications facilitate the delivery of key development […]

Transition Bath Carbon Descent Plan: Part 1 – Electricity

Summary This first of a number of instalments of Transition Bath’s Carbon Descent Plan which we plan on presenting over the next year. The plan is to look at the trajectory of Bath’s energy consumption and renewable energy production to see what impact they have on Bath’s carbon emissions over the next 15 years. In […]