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Surplus crops for people needing nutritious, fresh, local food

Transition Bath Food Group has initiated a project with the multi-agency Food Poverty Steering Group set up by B&NES Council. Many allotment growers and gardeners have surplus vegetables and fruit during the summer glut period from August to October. This project directs the abundance to local charities and organisations like children’s centres which have set […]

Bath Foodcycle

Foodcycle Bath wins national ‘Volunteer Experience Award’

Foodcycle Bath, won a national award for ‘Volunteer Experience’ this weekend, the judges made this comment about the group: “The welcome they give to new volunteers is second to none, from encouraging everyone to join in planning the meal to providing tea and cakes. The loyalty and team spirit shown by their strong volunteer base […]

The fourth ‘R’: Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle – and Repair

Repairing is the new, on-trend ‘R’ in waste reduction. The concept of the 3Rs – reduce, re-use, recycle – was originally developed by WRAP (Waste Resources Action Plan). Now repair cafés are starting up across the country, mainly in the larger cities where there is a greater pool of expertise. Bath Repair Café was started […]

Wild Walcot

Wild Walcot

This welcome addition to the Bath street scene is a collaboration between the Walcot Street Traders, Avon Wildlife Trust and Vegmead. The intention is to create green spaces all along Walcot Street. The first project has transformed the waste ground at the top of the entrance to the Cattle Market car park, to provide seating, […]

YMCA Garden July 2017

Transition Bath’s Flourishing Community Gardens

With growing season in full swing, the Transition Bath’s small community gardens scattered around Bath are flourishing. Gooseberries have all been picked and tomatoes are swelling nicely. Gardening sessions are fairly regular at Park Street (Sundays 11am-1pm, weather permitting, photo to left) and on an ad-hoc basis at Donkey Lane, Broad Street Place (YMCA courtyard) […]

Park Street Garden Frog Only May 2017

Park Street Resident Garden Frog Needs Your Help!

Transition Bath’s guerrilla gardeners created this productive community growing space in 2009. Sadly, as people moved away, it got a bit neglected last year, but enthusiasm abounds again. From a leaf-strewn state in February, it is now transformed into a flourishing food garden once again. Many residents from Park Street and the nearby area are […]

Mayor Celebrates Local Food Growing May 2017

Mayor Celebrates Community Food Growing With Transition Bath

The Mayor, Cllr. Paul Crossley, held a reception for Transition Bath food group and Bath Organic Group on 22nd May. He told us that he strongly supports the concept of transition and the contribution Transition Bath makes towards creating a sustainable city. As cabinet member, he authorised the allocation of land for Bath Organic Group to establish […]

It’s not easy being a sustainable consumer

Members of Transition Bath welcomed a PhD researcher, Cristina Longo, to their ranks in the period up to 2014. Cristina was conducting research into the practice of sustainable consumption: everyday spending being guided by concern for planetary sustainability. In her discussions with us, the individual dilemmas were more obvious than the solutions, to the extent […]