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Bath Local Plan Consultation

Fri 8 Dec 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Consultation on the Bath Local Plan , an exhibition at the Guildhall for public consultation, which includes policy on transport, energy and food relevant to Transition Bath, policy relevant to Transition Bath, extracts from the document include:

  • 2.07 The spatial priorities often inter-relate e.g. prioritising greater walking or cycling helps to address climate change issues, as well as increasing physical activity thereby addressing health priorities. The direct relationship between the spatial priorities outlined below to the Council’s four corporate priorities is also referenced to illustrate how the Local Plan and the planning system will help to deliver the Council’s broader aspiration
  • Health
    • 60% of adults over-weight or obese
    • Poor air quality in parts of B&NES leads to health problems
  • Transport & Infrastructure
    • Severe traffic congestion in some parts of B&NES
    • Poor accessibility to national/regional transport network
    • Difficulties of providing infrastructure capacity to cope with increasing population
  • Spatial Priorities Council’s Corporate Priorities
    • 1) Cross cutting objective: Pursue a low carbon and sustainable future in a changing climate • Reducing the need to travel and encouraging sustainable travel through the location and layout of development • Encouraging increased renewable and low carbon energy generation • Promoting sustainable and energy efficient design & construction • Minimise vulnerability and provide resilience to impacts of climate change e.g. flood risk [this is good as its their 1stspatial priority, aligns with TB’s priorities, could be used in any comments on future planning policy if not sustainable]
    • 5) Plan for development that promotes health and well being • Facilitate healthier lifestyles including active modes of travel [again good for TB’s objectives]
    • 6) Deliver well connected places accessible by sustainable means of transport •  Reduce the need to travel and encourage greater use of public transport, walking and cycling through the location and design of new development •  Ensure development helps to provide high quality and attractive public transport and walking & cycling routes
  • North Keynsham Housing Development:
    • Zero carbon development [interesting from a TB Energy Group perspective]
      • 4.15 Planning plays a key role in helping shape places to secure radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, minimising vulnerability and providing resilience to the impacts of climate change, and supporting the delivery of renewable and low carbon energy infrastructure. The NPPF states that we should actively plan for new development in ways which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In response, the JSP requires all new development to minimise energy demand and maximise the use of renewable energy, and where viable meeting all demands for heat and power without increasing carbon emissions. Through the production of the Local Plan, we will be investigating the potential for development at North Keynsham to be built to a Zero Carbon standard (net zero emissions from regulated and unregulated heat and power). If this is achievable, North Keynsham could become a beacon for sustainable development, and in the process provide a healthy environment and a low cost of living for its future residents




Fri 8 Dec 2017
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Bath, BA1 5EB United Kingdom
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