Pupils Riding Bicycles at School

Would fining parents £130 for dropping their kids off at school by car be a good idea in Bath?

Two primary schools in Hackney are running a trial by fining parents £130 for dropping their kids off at school by car, in an effort to cut pollution and make walking and cycling to school safer. This policy has been implemented despite 70% of parents opposing it.

We were wondering whether such an approach would work in Bath, following the revelation from Transition Larkhall that up to 50% of peak congestion in Bath might be attributed to school run traffic?

This is at a time when B&NES council are consulting over a significant reduction in subsidy for school transport. We are in two minds over this proposal, from one perspective it, in the short-term is more likely to encourage parents to move the transport of their children from buses to cars, but in the long term the economic considerations might mean that parents select a school withing walking distance when choosing a new school for their kids.

The school run is a very difficult subject as it sparks vociferous debate from parents, as the education of their children is perhaps the most important consideration at this stage of their lives. It is also difficult for councillors in a council where there is no strong majority to make a controversial decision like fining parents for dropping their kids off at school; we however think it might be an approach worth trialling?

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