LED Halogen Replacement Lighting Project

The LED Halogen lighting replacement project is a new Energy Group project to persuade people to switch their halogen lights for LEDs, reducing their energy demand, CO2 emissions and saving them money. We believe that this is probably the simplest and most cost effective measure people take take to reduce their energy demand. We are planning on offering home owners trial lighting so they can experiment with LED lights to find out what best suits their needs, we also have a ‘light box’ which we can use to demonstrate LED downlights and compare them with halogens. A photo of the demonstration box and a range of different GU10 and MR16 downlights appears below:

led light box


The economics of replacing halogen lights with LEDs is relatively straightforward. Typically a single GU10 halogen downlight consumes 50W of electricity whereas an equivalent LED consumes 5W, a saving of 45W. The average UK home has 15 halogen lights according the Energy Saving Trusts ‘Powering the Nation‘ report. If these lights are left on for 2 hours each day for 365 days of the year the saving in electricity by upgrading to LEDs is (50W – 5W) * 2 * 365 * 15 = 492 kWh, which at 16p per kWh is £79 per year or about 15% of the average home’s electricity bill. About 250kn of CO2 emissions would also be saved each year. The cost of the LED GU10 replacements varies between about £1 and £10, so between £15 and £150 to replace 15 halogens in a typical home i.e. the return on investment is between 2 and 23 months -which we think is a very good investment.

By comparison an investment of £10,000 in replacing a typical homes 15m2 of double glazing with triple glazing, would save about the same in CO2 and cost each year (15 m2 x (U=2.5 W/Km2 – 0.8W/km2) * 2400 degree days x 24 hours / 90% boiler efficiency = 1500 kWh of gas, or 340 kg or CO2 or £80). Clearly a £15 to £150 investment in LED lighting is significantly (100 times) more effective than investing in triple glazing.

For this reason and the fact we feel that the LED lighting market has now matured and the quality of the lighting is as good as that offered by halogens we believe it is now the right time to persuade the home owners of Bath that switching to LEDs is the right thing to do!

Further information:

Further background information on  upgrading to LED lighting is available here. We plan providing more information on this website when we get time – watch this space! If you are interested in getting involved in this project or are interested in borrowing the LED lighting box and spare bulbs, please get in contact here: thermalimaging@transitionbath.org;