BWCE Wilmington Solar Farm Under Construction

Nempnett Thrubwell 4.76MW Solar Farm goes to planning appeal

A planning application for a Solar Farm at Nempnett Thrubwell has gone on appeal to the planning inspectorate after B&NES’s new Conservative dominated development control committee turned the original application down on the grounds it impacted the openness of the Green Belt. This was despite planning officer advice to support the application, a reduction in the size of the farm from the original proposal and permission being granted recently (prior to April) for similar installations at Chelwood and Wilmington.

It appears going forward it will be very difficult to gain planning permission for solar farms in the greenbelt however well they are screened/ It is also unlikely we will see further applications in the near future if the government’s current proposals to reduce feed-in-tariffs from 12p/kWh to 1.5p/KWh go ahead.

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