Vegmead ~ 250

Vegmead – under new management!

Vegmead, the veg garden we created in a circular flowerbed in Hedgemead Park in 2011, is now being looked after by a different group and is thriving. Earlier in the year, the Council’s Parks department asked us to improve the look of Vegmead and we replanted it, using plants we’d raised from seed or dug […]


Bear Flat Community Market

Several Transition Bath core group members live in the Bear Flat area of Bath, and have been running a monthly community market in a church hall for the past three years.  The idea behind the market is to promote local food, to provide an outlet for people making delicious edibles at home and to act […]


What are other community energy groups around Bath up to?

At the Bath Community Energy Forum event on September 8th 2016, local community energy groups gave short talks on what they were currently working on. We thought it would be helpful to provide a list, if you find any of these items interesting we are sure the individual groups would be very happy to discuss […]

Schools Energy Best Competition Newbridge School Switchoff Campaign

Transition Bath wins £7,000 grant from the Open Data Institute to develop a Schools’ Energy Competition Website

Transition Bath in combination with Bath: Hacked, Resource Futures and B&NES Council have been awarded a grant by the ODI to develop a website which aims to teach primary school children about energy. The website will provide graphs of schools’ smart meter data, and allow schools through gamification to compete to save energy. The aim […]

Cleveland Pools

Cleveland Pools Renewable Heating Design

As part of the renovation of Bath’s Georgian Cleveland Pools the trust which owns the site which has attracted a £3.7million heritage lottery grant, is looking to heat the pool with renewable sources of energy. They are looking a 3 options: Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) providing heating and hot water to pool areas and […]


Transition Bath now has an allotment plot at Bloomfield Road

Transition Bath has four “guerrilla” community gardens, i.e. small unused spaces around Bath which have been planted up to grow fruit and veg. Each garden has a lead grower who looks after it and organises volunteer sessions, thus providing an awareness that fresh produce can be grown in small places and tastes delicious – yes, […]