Bath Uni Pee to Electricity Machine

University of Bath turning pee into electricity!

Researchers at the University of Bath have been turning pee into electricity. Bacterial are used, which when mixed with pee generate electricity. The aim is to produce a device which could be used in the developing world to power smartphones and laptops in places where mains electricity is not available More information on this BBC […]

Food on bicycle Deliveroo

Get your restaurant takeaway delivered by bicycle?

On demand delivery service Deliveroo can deliver restaurant food to your home by bicycle. It is currently looking for more cycle couriers to delivery food from 28 restaurants in Bath. If you don’t have the time to pick up your own food, or would like food from a restaurant that doesn’t normally do takeaways then […]

Bath University is looking for volunteers to have the temperatures in their homes monitored for research purposes

Bath University are researching the heating patterns of traditional buildings. As part of the research they would like to measure the internal temperatures and heating patterns of a number of homes, ideally about 50 pre-1919 and about 50 post-1919. If all goes well this will give them a suitable basis to compare traditional heating methods […]