B&NES Placemaking Consultation Dec 2014 Aerial Photo

B&NES Placemaking Consultation

This consultation runs until 30th January 2015 and aim to provide the following for Bath: allocate sites for development for housing, employment and other uses to help meet development needs identified in the Core Strategy; review and update the development management policies used in the determination of planning applications facilitate the delivery of key development […]

LED Lighting Kit Small

Transition Bath Try-Before-You-Buy LED down-lighter kit now available to borrow from the library

Our Try-Before-You-Buy LED down-lighter kit is now available to borrow from the library – further instructions how to borrow the kit are provided here: www.transitionbath.org/ledkit . The kit consists of 40 different LED GU10 and MR16 LED lights which can try, to decide which you prefer before buying. We would encourage anyone connected with Transition Bath to […]

Community Energy Consultation

B&NES Community Energy Strategy Consultation

B&NES Council have launched their Community Energy Strategy Consultation and would like to know what you think about their strategy? The deadline for your feedback is 31st December 2014. The strategy calls for 7 MW of renewable energy and 11 MW of renewable heat to be installed each year between 2014 and 2029, which is quite […]

Wassail Toast Decoration

Wassail – come and help us increase our apple yield in 2015

Wassail (Old English wæs hæl, ‘be healthy’) refers both to the salute ‘Waes Hail’ and to the drink of wassail, a hot mulled cider. Wassailing is a traditional ceremony held in apple orchards on Twelfth Night to produce a good crop in the forthcoming season. It involves ‘wakening’ the trees and making lots of noise […]

Transition Bath Carbon Descent Plan: Part 1 – Electricity

Summary This first of a number of instalments of Transition Bath’s Carbon Descent Plan which we plan on presenting over the next year. The plan is to look at the trajectory of Bath’s energy consumption and renewable energy production to see what impact they have on Bath’s carbon emissions over the next 15 years. In […]

Energy Efficient Widcombe Raspberry Pi Home Monitoring Project

Energy Efficient Widcombe (EEW) are currently involved in a £100,000 Technology Strategy Board project to investigate the use of home sensors in monitoring the well-being of elderly ‘Assisted Living’ patients. EEW, along with their partners at the University of the West of England, ContinuumBridge Ltd and Designability are trialling a system coordinated by a Raspberry […]

Schools Energy Best Competition Newbridge School Switchoff Campaign

Energy Saving Team Competition for Schools in Bath

Resource Futures’ Education Team is working with Bath and North East Somerset Council to motivate teachers and pupils to save energy through simple, everyday changes in behaviour. Primary schools have been invited to take part in the B.E.S.T. (B&NES Energy Saving Teams) competition, with exciting prizes to be won. Focusing on pupil-led behavioural change and […]

Vegmead in Hedgemead is looking for your support

 Do you buy The Chronicle? Could you/would you vote for Vegmead to get a Cash For Your Community award? Vegmead, our guerrilla gardening plot in Hedgemead Park, won international recognition when Iva’s time-lapse film of its development went ‘viral’ and it was quoted by Rob Hopkins as an example of a Transition initiative. The volunteers […]