MPs Fracking Pledges

Has your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate pledged to oppose Fracking?

Greenpeace are running a campaign asking all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to oppose Fracking.

To date in Bath Steve Bradley (Lib Dem), Loraine Morgan Brinkhurst (Independent) and Dominic Tristram (Greens) have all signed.

However Julian Deverell (UKIP), Ben Howlett (Conservative) and Ollie Middleton (Labour) haven’t.

This compares well with what the candidates said at our hustings, with the exception of Ollie Middleton (Labour) who stated he opposed Fracking at the event.

To find out what candidates have pledged in other constituencies click here. The national picture (graph on right above) appears to suggest that most parties apart from the Conservatives are allowing their candidates to vote with their conscience.

From our hustings on the 23rd March 2015:

Energy Quick fire question 1: Fracking


  • Fracking: yes or no in Bath?                                 – no candidate or the anyone in the audience said yes
  • Fracking: yes or no in Somerset?                        – Julian Deverell UKIP said yes, plus 5% of audience
  • Fracking: yes or no anywhere in Britain?          – Julian Deverell UKIP + Ben Howlett Cons, plus 10% of audience said yes
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