BNES Transport Consultation 1 Traffic in Bath

Does Transition Larkhall Analysis show more than 50% of Bath’s rush hour traffic can be attributed to schools?

Transition Larkhall are involved in a a year-long study investigating amongst other things how parents take their children to school and why they choose to travel that way. Transition Larkhall in conjunction with the University of Bath and the South West Foundation surveyed traffic on 4 successive Mondays between 7.00am and 10.00am, at the Gloucester/London […]

London Road Congestion

New threat to cycling on the London Road: Please sign petition?

Although there have been recent improvements for cyclists on the London Road our current councillors have decided to make the scheme more ‘vehicle friendly’ to the detriment of cyclists. Their proposed ‘improvements’ would: 1) Extend the loading bays and change the loading times. 2) Remove the on-road build-out that protects the mandatory on-road cycle lane Both […]

Bathampton Park and Ride Analysis

The consultation for the much debated Bathampton Park and Ride (P&R) will have come to an end by the time you read this article. However, it will continue to cause huge divides in opinion throughout Bath.  I’d like to use this space to discuss whether a P&R would work, what would need to be done […]