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Transition Bath has been successful in its grant application for a Blower Door

Transition Bath has been successful in a grant application to the BWCE Community Fund which will allow us to purchase a blower door and start a blower door project to work in parallel to our existing thermal imaging program.

Blower doors are basically big fans which can be inserted into the door of a house and can be used to pressurise and de-pressurise the home, They are very useful at identifying draughts and we hope to use the door to help people make their homes less leaky. The door will be used in parallel with our existing thermal imaging program, but it has a major benefit, that unlike the thermal imaging camera it can be used year round.

The blower door can provide a  quantitative value for how leaky a building is, unlike the  thermal imaging camera which is only qualitative. We are hope to use the blower door to provide ‘before and after retrofitting’ figures for how leaky a building is. We are also hoping the work could turn into a research project at the university.

Please watch this space, we will be organising an Energy Group meeting soon to discuss the project,

We would like to thank BWCE for the grant.

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