What’s “guerrilla gardening” about?

We were inspired to start guerrilla gardening by a “guru”, Pam Warhurst of Incredible Edible Todmorden who came to talk to us back in 2011 about growing more food locally.  Since then, we’ve created sites at Vegmead in Hedgemead Park (which has its own Facebook page and Twitter account:  @vegmead), at Park Street, Gravel Walk and at Donkey Lane.

Guerrilla gardening is about local residents finding small, unused spaces to grow food which can be harvested, eaten, re-sown and planted sequentially – by anyone!

Have a look at the Pam Warhurst talk on YouTube.  Inspiring?  If you know of a neglected spot near where you live, which the owner isn’t interested in maintaining or perhaps it has no owner, why not start guerrilla gardening yourself?  It’s always a good talking point – your neighbours may join in!


To find out more, come to one of our guerrilla gardening events or email us on food@transitionbath.org.  To get involved in larger community growing projects, look at the horticultural volunteering opportunities with our partners in Bath Area Growers.

Virginia Williamson


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