Blower Door Image

New Transition Bath Energy Group Blower Door Project

The Energy Group has decided to start a new project, which is to construct or purchase a blower door to test air permeability in buildings. Blower doors are used in the building industry to see how leaky new homes are and building regulations require that they are better than 10 m3/m2/hour. Blower doors use very […]

Oct2014 Chelsea Road

Our Transport Group’s survey results of proposals to improve the built environment at Chelsea Road are now available

Our Transport & Built Environment Group’s Chelsea Road project considered the potential of local centres to support walking and cycling. Chelsea Road was selected as a residential community in which around a quarter of households have no car. Following a questionnaire sent to 2,000 residents, meetings with residents & traders and a traffic survey carried […]


Transition Bath responds to B&NES Placemaking Plan Consultation

We have responded on your behalf to B&NES council’s Placemaking Plans which will shape plans for Bath into the foreseeable future. The detailed consultation document of 325 pages covers everything from plans for the development of individual  sites and areas within Bath, to more general policies on food, transport, the built environment, energy and environmental […]