B&NES Local Plan and Supplementary Planning Document Consultations deadline 8 October 2021

Bath & North East Somerset Council are currently consulting on an update the the area’s ‘Local Plan’ and 2 ‘Supplementary Planning Documents’, on Sustainable Construction and Transport. The council needs community backing for these proposals to help make Bath more sustainable and to avoid large housing developers and the ‘car lobby’ having the proposals squashed. […]

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Case Study: making a home carbon neutral in 2020

This is a case study written by Philip Haile,  a member of Transition Bath’s Energy Group on how he has managed to make his home carbon neutral. It serves to illustrate that it possible to make a ordinary home carbon neutral at relatively low cost: Summary I moved into this large 4-bed detached 1970’s house […]

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Surplus crops for people needing nutritious, fresh, local food

Transition Bath Food Group has initiated a project with the multi-agency Food Poverty Steering Group set up by B&NES Council. Many allotment growers and gardeners have surplus vegetables and fruit during the summer glut period from August to October. This project directs the abundance to local charities and organisations like children’s centres which have set […]

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Government proposal could reduce insulation in new homes by 50% – please respond to the consultation – deadline 7 February?

A government consultation on Future Homes Standards has the potential to reduce insulation on new homes by 50 %. It also proposes stopping local authorities like B&NES Council from imposing higher standards. B&NES currently requires new homes to be built with 19% lower CO2 emissions than national minimum standards. Please help us and the planet […]

BWCE Lewis House Solar PV panels

BWCE Launches Community Solar 2020

BWCE has launched its Community Solar 2020 programme to install community owned solar pv in the Bath & West area. The programme will  offer free solar panel installations for businesses, schools and community buildings. It is looking for help from the community to identify suitable roofs. Further information is available here: https://www.bwce.coop/bwce-launches-community-solar-2020/

Trinity First School prize winners

Transition Bath’s Energy Sparks schools’ energy education and efficiency programme reaches the Far North of Scotland

Over the last 6 months Transition Bath’s Energy Sparks schools’ energy education and efficiency programme has been rolling out to other areas of the country, including Somerset, Oxfordshire, Sheffield and now the Highlands of Scotland. Energy Spark’s latest recruit is Pennyland Primary School , which is on the far north coast of Scotland, overlooking the […]

Climate emergyency

Bath and North East Somerset Council declare a Climate Emergency

B&NES Council has declared a ‘Climate Emergency’. The council have acknowledged that climate change is a big challenge and that the council need to provide leadership in addressing the issue. The council will “sign up to the UK100 Pledge to provide the strategic community leadership needed to enable our communities to achieve 100% clean energy […]