Park Street Garden Frog Only May 2017

Park Street Resident Garden Frog Needs Your Help!

Transition Bath’s guerrilla gardeners created this productive community growing space in 2009. Sadly, as people moved away, it got a bit neglected last year, but enthusiasm abounds again. From a leaf-strewn state in February, it is now transformed into a flourishing food garden once again. Many residents from Park Street and the nearby area are […]

Mayor Celebrates Local Food Growing May 2017

Mayor Celebrates Community Food Growing With Transition Bath

The Mayor, Cllr. Paul Crossley, held a reception for Transition Bath food group and Bath Organic Group on 22nd May. He told us that he strongly supports the concept of transition and the contribution Transition Bath makes towards creating a sustainable city. As cabinet member, he authorised the allocation of land for Bath Organic Group to establish […]

20mph zone Bath May 2017

Is 20 mph plenty in Bath? Should B&NES remove 20mph limits?

Summary On Monday 22nd May B&NES Council’s Communities, Transport and Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel meets to review the 20 mph limits in B&NES which were largely introduced between 2012 and 2016 at a cost of almost £900,000. Gill Risbridger of Transition Bath will be speaking at the event: We feel that 20 mph […]

It’s not easy being a sustainable consumer

Members of Transition Bath welcomed a PhD researcher, Cristina Longo, to their ranks in the period up to 2014. Cristina was conducting research into the practice of sustainable consumption: everyday spending being guided by concern for planetary sustainability. In her discussions with us, the individual dilemmas were more obvious than the solutions, to the extent […]

Commuting to work by bicycle or walking reduces your risk of dying from any cause by 41%, the incidence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46% compared with commuting by car or public transport

A paper in this month’s British Medical Journal and reported on the BBC website suggest that those commuting to work by cycling or walking are significantly more healthy than those who commute by public transport or by car. The report suggests that it is much easier to build commuting by walking or cycle into our lives as […]

Ultrasonic clothes drier uses 70% less energy

An article on the BBC website today on a new type of clothes drier which is 3 time quicker and uses 70% less energy caught our eye. Clothes driers on average consume more than 10% of a household’s electricity (394kWh /year (£60) from an average annual house electricity consumption of 3,638kWh/year (£545)   Source: Powering the […]