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Transition Bath has been successfully running Ride to Work by Bike, an electric bike loan scheme, for the last 4 years and is looking for volunteers to help run the project.

The voluntary work could involve:

  • Marketing to and liaising with workplaces to promote the scheme to employees
  • Day-to-day management of the e-bike loan scheme :-
    • Talking to potential users
    • Organising the loan of bikes to them
    • Organising cycle training
    • Supporting them during the loan period
    • Managing the maintenance of the bikes via Julian House Bike workshop
    • Helping users to purchase bikes after the trial
  • Shaping the future of the scheme, grant applications, potentially converting it to a self-supporting commercial enterprise

The project currently takes about 10 hours a month on average to keep running and we are looking for volunteer(s) to help with the project. The work could potentially be shared by a number of volunteers.

The project has always received very positive feedback from users, many of whom have gone on to purchase e-bikes to commute to work. It is a great opportunity to help Bath become more sustainable, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

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