Sara Grimes

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Sara has been chair of Transition Bath since November 2021. She is a Bath native, a mum and a lifelong environmentalist.

Her first proper job was grassroots organising in the wide open landscapes of the American West. From this, she learned how a small group of seemingly powerless people, with a carefully thought-out strategy, could create a large and lasting change. She met people from across the social and political spectrum and saw that they all cared deeply about the environment.

Returning to the UK, she was inspired by the principles of the Transition movement and how having a positive vision could mobilise the power of community to realise the vision. She has since worked in sustainability roles in local government, building a working knowledge of the levers for change that are held at the local level. She mostly spends time on family and eco-activities, but given the chance, will happily dance to a succession of repetitive beats.