Cleveland Pools

Cleveland Pools: to be first naturally treated (no chlorine), heated community-run open air swimming pool

Cleveland Pools, in Bath, the oldest outdoor public swimming pool in the UK built in 1815 which was awarded a £3.7million grant in 2014, has published its plans for the pool’s restoration.

The trust which owns the pools is currently running a consultation prior to submitting planning permission in July 2016. Included in the plans are:

  • Creation of the world’s first community run, heated, naturally water treated (no chemicals) open air swimming pool
  • The creation of a separate children’s pool, along with the existing main pool
  • An educational interpretative information centre

The pool will be heated 6 months of the year, over the summer. They haven’t as of yet decided on how the pool will be heated, Transition Bath would prefer something more sustainable than gas.

More information from the Bath Chronicle here.

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