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We are in the middle of a Climate Emergency coupled with a Nature Emergency. Everybody needs to be involved in responding to these threats to humanity and our planet by getting involved whether that is national campaigning, organizing locally by developing projects, changing one’s own practices or, simply be better informed.

Transition Bath offers a number of ways in which you can be involved. Best of all, you can volunteer by participating in the varied projects that we run or by coming to us for support in implementing a project that you may have long contemplated. Or, you can sign up for our newsletter to keep in contact with what we are doing. Or, you can attend our series of talks from speakers who are local or national experts in combatting climate change. Or, you can make a donation, either as a one-off contribution, or better still, by a monthly payment. Best of all, you could do all of these things.

Seedlings freshly emerged from soil

The Incubator

We can offer help to people who have an idea that they want to turn into a sustainable project.