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Transition Bath is an organisation largely staffed by volunteers and we are very glad to welcome more. We aim to provide an interesting, supportive and safe environment for all those who come to work with us. Come and join us – the more volunteers we have the more work we can do towards the goals that so many share of reducing carbon emissions and remedying the decline of the natural world.

“Volunteering with Transition Bath has been revolutionary for me. I have desperately wanted to make a difference to the environment for a long time but have never found the right route. Transition Bath has provided a community of likeminded people who are determined to make positive change in a range of creative ways. I have had the opportunity to get involved with community gardening, scything and putting forward my own ideas for ways to make Bath a greener place. In a time when things feel so bleak, it makes a real difference to create positive possibilities alongside your community.”

Katie Crowson, Transition Bath volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

The projects that we run all need volunteers. A list of current volunteering opportunities can be found below. In addition, there are aspects of running the organisation that need help.

We will be adding to this list from time to time. It may be that nothing here currently appeals to you but you nevertheless want to volunteer. If so, please contact us to talk to someone about further possibilities. Alternatively, you may have an environmental project of your own in mind. If so, we can support you in pursuing your aims. Again, talk to us.

Volunteering with Transition Bath

Our commitment to you :-

  1. In our work in Transition Bath we plan to create an environment of mutual respect, tolerant discussion, understanding of difference and non-acceptance of harassment or bullying.
  2. To create this environment, we have adopted policies which are intended to guide the organisation’s work. These are included in an online handbook which is accessible to every volunteer.
  3. We will hold regular meetings of volunteers so that everybody who works for Transition Bath knows what is going on and there are opportunities for everyone to express their views and to contribute ideas.
  4. We want to encourage volunteers to develop their own projects which contribute to the overall strategic direction of the organisation.
  5. Transition Bath is project-based and most – though not all – of its volunteers work in teams that are led by Convenors.
  6. If a volunteer has a complaint to make, he or she should first approach the relevant Convenor. If that is not appropriate or successful, an approach should be made to the Chair.
  7. We all need to learn. Where appropriate, induction and training will be provided.
  8. Transition Bath will pay reasonable expenses incurred.

What we expect of our volunteers :-

  1. Volunteers should make a commitment of at least six months volunteering.
  2. Volunteers should attend relevant meetings and training sessions.
  3. Volunteers should strive to work cooperatively, supportively and flexibly in their teams.
  4. Volunteers should always maintain the working environment standards set out in point 1 above.