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Since the very first meeting in 2009, Transition Bath has always been about finding positive solutions to the many environmental and climate problems that beset Bath and its surrounds.

Many of our projects are initiated internally but others come from partnerships with other organisations, suggestions from local inhabitants or from individuals who want practical help from us to develop an idea.

As a broad based organisation Transition Bath has traditionally worked in the areas of Energy, Food and Community Building. As the organisation has matured, it has incorporated other areas – Transport, the Built Environment, Planning and Community Awareness, always with the aim of coming up with practical solutions.

Since 2009 Transition Bath has initiated a wealth of projects including :-

  • From an outdoor pedal-powered cinema to indoor films with following discussions.
  • From holding hustings to find the environmental aims of our potential MP to responding to B&NES consultations.
  • From establishing a Nuttery to supporting the setting up of local Community Supported Agriculture projects.
  • From running a ‘Big Event’ with outside speakers to an ‘ecooperation’ event bringing together all the climate / green / eco groups in Bath.
  • From showcasing the best examples of ‘eco homes’ in a Green Homes day to training operators in using a thermal imaging camera and offering free energy surveys.
  • From a Bike to Work scheme to supporting the setting up a Car Club.
Seedlings freshly emerged from soil

The Incubator

We can offer help to people who have an idea that they want to turn into a sustainable project.