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Since its very first meeting in 2009, Transition Bath has always been about finding positive solutions to the many environmental and climate problems that beset Bath and its surrounds. Many of our projects are initiated internally but others come from partnerships with other organisations, suggestions from local inhabitants or from individuals who want practical help from us to develop an idea.

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Project Achievements: A Few Highlights

Since 2009 Transition Bath has initiated a wealth of projects including:

  • Facilitating and launching Eco Together, a project that brings together small groups of friends, neighbours or colleagues to find their own best way to make a difference to the climate and energy crisis.
  • Facilitating Bath & West Community Energy – one of the largest community energy companies in the UK, which has raised more than £22 million in capital to fund solar PV based renewable energy projects
  • Launching Energy Sparks – an online service providing energy education and helping schools reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions , supporting 800 schools, and 400,000 school children
  • Working with Picturehouse and the Little Theatre to put on Green Screen showings of a series of environmental films. See our News and Events page for currently scheduled films.
  • Organising an event at The Packhorse in Southstoke, where over 60 people came to hear a series of 6 x 10 minute ‘Sustainability Shorts’, talks on low-carbon topics, such as Soil is Vital to Life on Earth; land, food and what happens when you combine the two for positive change; and how the effective removal or mitigation of climate risks will involve major changes to the way that we live our lives.
  • Running the Ride to Work by Bike project since 2019, which involves the free loaning of electric bicycles (e-bikes) to local small-to-medium sized employers to encourage their employees to cycle to work.
  • Establishing Smallcombe Nuttery in 2009 to support the setting up of local, community-supported agriculture projects. The nuts – including cobnuts, almonds, sweet chestnuts and walnuts – are grown for community use and anyone can come in and take a fair share when they are ripe. See our Community Growing page for more information.
  • Collaborating in the set up of Crop Drop, a project that distributes surplus produce from allotments and growers. Allotments and food projects are linked within the same area to help strengthen communities and minimise the food miles of the allotment produce.
  • Setting up a Thermal Imaging project, which aims to help the residents of Bath reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions. Transition Bath owns two high-quality thermal imaging cameras, which are loaned out to residents once they have taken part in one of the charity’s free training courses.
  • Collaborating with Bath Abbey in October 2023 on the Extraordinary Earth Day, a day for residents, visitors and families to see what’s going on in Bath and the region to help combat climate change and support the city in living more sustainably.
  • Organising a Climate Café to coincide with COP 28 in autumn 2023, offering attendees an opportunity to talk to others about eco-anxiety in a supported and structured way and then learn about opportunities to turn those feelings into action.
  • Collaborating with others on Green Open Homes Weekend in autumn 2023, inviting people along to look at homes in order to showcase a wide range of thermal efficiency improvement measures applied to Georgian listed, Victorian, modern and Art Deco homes.
Seedlings freshly emerged from soil

The Incubator

We can offer help to people who have an idea that they want to turn into a sustainable project.