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The mission of Transition Bath is to respond to the Climate Emergency in Bath and its surrounding area by focussing on the factors which are producing it – the emission of greenhouse gases and the destruction of the natural world. Of course, much of the necessary action must be taken at the national and international level but we aim not to emphasise national campaigning but rather to contribute to that by taking a local focus.

Transition Bath is rooted in Bath and community-led. We are working for a climate friendly, ecologically rich and socially just future with resilient communities, more active participation in society and a caring culture focused on supporting each other. We are part of the global Transition movement to reimagine and rebuild our world, based on the principles here

We act largely by developing and supporting locally-based projects. For example, we have supported projects as diverse as renewable energy generation, the development of organic growing and the reduction of carbon emissions in schools. Our support can include professional advice, help with fund raising, volunteer support, administrative arrangements such as access to a bank account, the provision of seed-corn funding and insurance.

If you have an idea that you would like to develop and you would like some help doing it, then come and talk to us.

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We are a volunteer-led organisation. As we expand, we are always looking for volunteers. Work on projects – existing ones or something of your own – or on organisational matters such as writing press releases, organising events, encouraging donations or overseeing the website.

Take a look at what volunteering involves and our volunteer opportunities or get in touch to talk over how you might volunteer.

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