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Transition Bath is an organisation based on practical projects, which are locally situated, and aimed at the reduction of harmful greenhouse emissions and the restoration of nature. These stem from ideas generated internally or from partnerships with other organisations or individuals. We also incubate projects brought to us by people who want help in developing an idea with the intention of eventually forming a separate organisation. Some projects are externally funded.

Projects are usually run by a team of volunteers led by a Convenor who in turn works with a trustee and reports to the Trustee Board at regular intervals. Transition Bath is both a charity and a company limited by guarantee. The charity trustees, therefore, also serve as company directors and each trustee takes responsibility for a particular area of work and of the central functions of the organization. The Board of Trustees, which meets monthly, has the final responsibility for the conduct of Transition Bath.

The structure of Transition Bath means that it is important to keep all those who work for it well-informed about what is going on in the organisation and to be able to contribute to its work. To this end, Trustees and Convenors meet monthly to review strategy, develop ideas for new projects and exchange information about developments in the local community.