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Run by volunteers, Transition Bath keeps the community at the heart of all its projects – it is always by working together that we are able to make things happen in our city.

Eco Together

Eco Together is the Transition Bath project that encourages individuals to join forces to make changes in their own lives, which in turn contribute towards the reduction of each person’s carbon imprint.

Every Eco Together group brings together small numbers of friends, neighbours or colleagues and helps them find their own best way to act on the climate crisis. Groups follow five simple, structured sessions using well-researched materials on food, transport, energy and resources. We explore our ability to make an impact using the four powers that we all have to make a difference:

  • Through our lifestyle
  • As communicators
  • As community members
  • As advocates

The group members run the sessions and get a certificate upon completing the course. 

Find out more about the Eco Together project on the separate www.ecotogether.info website and discover when the next project is running in Bath. You can also contact hello@ecotogether.info