LED Try Before You Buy Scheme


Transition Bath’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ LED lighting project allows you to borrow a kit ofLED Kit 2 LEDs from Bath’s Central Library. The kit contains approximately 40 different  LED downlighter bulbs (GU10 and MR16) bulbs which you can try in your home before making a purchase.

Modern LED bulbs can be just as bright as halogens but use 10% of the electricity. Unlike halogen bulbs, LED bulbs come with a potentially bewildering range of characteristics which put prospective purchasers off. Low power bulbs from a few years ago have also deterred people from purchasing, but recent LEDs are as bright if not brighter than the halogens they are replacing. This kit hopes to persuade you to switch, and not only save on average £75 from your annual electricity bill but reduce carbon emissions.

The rest of this webpage hopes to guide you through the process, but if you have any further questions not covered here, please contact us at ledlighting@transitionbath.org and we will do our best to help.

What to do next

  • Read: Briefly read through this web page to get a feel for what is required, or if you are in a hurry read the printed instructions provided with the kit
  • Book: Book the kit out from the library:
    • The kit is part of the library ‘Special Loans Collection’ which means it can’t be booked online and cannot be moved to other libraries
    • To book the kit phone Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41 or go to Bath Central Library and ask to book the ‘Transition Bath LED Try-before-you-buy kit’
    • You will need your library card number to book the kit
    • Try to book the kit for the minimum period possible to maximise access to the kit as we are expecting significant demand and we would like as many people as possible to switch to LED lighting; the maximum booking allowed is for one week
  • Collect: Go and pick the kit up from the library:
    • Bring your library card with you
    • The kit weighs 9 kg, the case has a comfortable carrying handle but if you are not confident about carrying 9 kg over home please make arrangements to pick it up by public transport or by car (the kit has already been carried tens of miles by hand, so its not that bad!)
  • Try: Having got the kit home, go through the “LED Kit Bulb Selection Tool” below to decide which bulbs fit your criteria and try them in your light fittings, or use the provided standalone socket (GU10 bulbs only). If you find the guide below too long or complicated, just try some of the example bulbs from the kit to see which you like?
  • Buy: once you have chosen the LEDs you like please purchase using the instructions on this webpage, by doing so Transition Bath will get some income as a result which will cover some of the cost of constructing the kit. The kit currently contains LEDs from 4 suppliers: Light Rabbit, LEDHutLEDStop and Well-Lit which we recommend for the level of their customer service, quality of their LEDs and product guarantees
  • Feedback: Provide us with feedback via this on-line form, so we can improve the service, make it better for others


Video Introduction to LED Try Before You Buy Kit
Background – Safety Precautions/Legal
What criteria are important to selecting an LED bulb?
Post kit usage evaluation form