Availability of home insulation grants: from September 2014

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Home insulation grants are a very changing landscape. In June the government announced its generous £6000 grant scheme for solid wall insulation which unfortunately has now been withdrawn because it was too popular (does that remind you of the solar PV tariffs?)! However, B&NES has come to the rescue and is offering grants of up to £7,000 as part of the launch of its Energy@home program, further details below. Additionally the British Gas scheme for free cavity wall insulation, without means testing is still available, although there are persistent rumours it is about to close.

If you are interested in making your house warmer by installing external solid wall insulation but have concerns about the process or want to know more. Tim, who is a member of the Transition Bath Energy group, and has recently had external wall insulation installed has his home open to the public as part of the Bath Green open weekend on the 27th and 28th of September. He will be on hand during the weekend to give you his honest experience of the process.

If you need internal rather than external wall insulation, Ozzie’s house at Pultney Gardens will be open during Bath Green Homes weekend and Ozzie will be available to expound the benefits of his internal wall insulation.

If you have any inkling you might be interested in making your solid walled home warmer and more comfortable, we would encourage you to apply for grants as soon as possible, they appear to be generous, but might not last for much longer! To use the colloquial term “snooze and you lose”!

Details of the B&NES loan scheme

B&NES Council is offering a generous top-up grant of up to £7000 for solid wall insulation (internal, external or a mixture of the two) or a package of energy saving improvements.

The top-up grant can be used when combined with Green Deal Finance or if you don’t want to use Green Deal Finance, you can pay the equivalent amount yourself, and still access the top-up grant.

The grant is subject to a home energy assessment, following which you will need to getting two quotes for the work.

Contact the B&NES Energy@Home Advice Service for more details and to receive an application pack: 0800 0385680 / www.energyathome.org.uk