Bathampton Park and Ride Analysis

The consultation for the much debated Bathampton Park and Ride (P&R) will have come to an end by the time you read this article. However, it will continue to cause huge divides in opinion throughout Bath.  I’d like to use this space to discuss whether a P&R would work, what would need to be done […]

BNES Transport Consultation 1 Traffic in Bath

Air pollution on the London Road and the VW Scandal

Given the recent news about Volkswagen cheating on their pollution testing in the US, we thought it would be useful to outline what impact this is having on air pollution on the London Road and elsewhere in Bath, and its implications. It is also topical because the Eastern Park and Ride is a hot topic […]

Making Bath Abbey more sustainable

Local engineering consultancy Buro Happold have been working with Bath Abbey to try to make the Abbey more sustainable. The most important aspect of the project is to use hot water from the Roman Bath’s next door to provide underfloor heating to the Abbey. To date they have installed underfloor heating under flag stones on […]

Keynsham Civic Centre

Keynsham Civic Centre named best workplace of 2015

The British Council for Offices (BCO) has named Keynsham’s Civic offices as the best workplace for 2015. The offices in Keynsham are very ECO-friendly and is one of the few buildings in the UK which has been designed to meet the DEC ‘A’ rated standard. Transition Bath would like all new offices in B&NES to […]


Transition Bath responds to B&NES Placemaking Plan Consultation

We have responded on your behalf to B&NES council’s Placemaking Plans which will shape plans for Bath into the foreseeable future. The detailed consultation document of 325 pages covers everything from plans for the development of individual  sites and areas within Bath, to more general policies on food, transport, the built environment, energy and environmental […]

B&NES Placemaking Consultation Dec 2014 Aerial Photo

B&NES Placemaking Consultation

This consultation runs until 30th January 2015 and aim to provide the following for Bath: allocate sites for development for housing, employment and other uses to help meet development needs identified in the Core Strategy; review and update the development management policies used in the determination of planning applications facilitate the delivery of key development […]