Draughts around outside doors

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Draughts around outside doors is a common problem in many, particularly older properties

Example 1

In this property there are draughts around the bottom and sides of the door, and even a vertical split in the wooden inset panel which was not visible with out the thermal imaging camera.


Potential solutions in this case include:

  • Applying sealant to the split door panel
  • Installing draught stripping around the door seal
  • Buying a draught-excluder cushion/snake to fit along the bottom of the door
  • Fitting a thick curtain in front of the door

Example 2

In this example draughts are occurring around the top of the door and through the letterbox


Solutions in this case include:

  • A letter box draught excluder
  • Draught-stripping around the top of the door
  • Installing a curtain in front of the door