Energy Efficient Widcombe’s Thermal Imaging Project 2014

  • Letterbox and thin panelled front door
  • Keyhole
  • Draught under door
  • Catflap and draught to side of door
  • Loft hatch
  • Another loft hatch
  • Missing insulation above ceiling
  • Clothes on radiator
  • Appliance left on standby generating heat
  • Radiator from outside house
  • Another radiator from outside house
  • Yet another radiator from outside house
  • Curtain half opened, half closed
  • Draught at top of sash window
  • Cold air leaking up through floorboards
  • Unlagged pipes heating ceiling void between joists
  • Vent-axia leaking cold air into room
  • Another vent-axia leaking heat
  • High energy light
  • Downlighters - could be replaced with 10x more efficient LEDs
  • Unlagged pipe
  • Velux window

Energy Efficient Widcombe were involved in the Transition Bath Thermal Imaging project in 2014 and surveyed 15 homes. They have written up an extensive report of their experiences, which is available here. Some of the images they took, showing a wide selection of the issues they came across are shown above.

In summary, their conclusions for this year’s work were:

  • Each assessment with the overhead of marketing, doing the imaging, and writing up reports for home owners took about 4 hours each
  • Lots of issues common to many homes were noted, for example unblocked chimneys -the slide show above provides a good summary
  • They struggled to engage with students, as they needed to get their Landlord’s on board
  • Next year they would like to start earlier in the winter
  • Home owners were very positive about the usefulness of the surveys
  • This year they didn’t charge, but in future they think home owners would be prepared to pay £40 for the service
  • Engaging with and finding people interested in a thermal imaging survey needs further experimentation to find out what works best
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