Grants for home energy and heat pumps, and new heat pump advisory service

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Transition Bath has just launched a new heat pump advisory service in conjunction with Green Heat Coop to provide trusted, independent and expert advice on installing a heat pump. Please leave your details if you are potentially interested in this service, register here and we will get back to you. The government grant for the installation of heat pumps has recently increased to £7,500. Heat pumps instantly reduce the carbon emissions of your home’s heating by up to 85%.

We will be providing:

  • Free online webinars explaining what you need to know before purchasing a heat pump
  • Personalised advice on the feasibility of installing a heat pump at your home
  • A home visit to provide a specification for your heat pump and its installation in your home. This includes a detailed heat loss assessment, radiator sizing, heat pump and cylinder location, advice on insulation and draught-proofing measures etc.
  • Recommended installers
  • Installer quotation evaluation
  • Help with snagging after installation
  • Advice on solar PV and particularly home batteries

Further information is available here and please register here for updates if you are interested. A number of the homes, including historic homes at the Green Open Homes event on 4–5 November will be demonstrating heat pumps – this is an opportunity for you to talk to home-owners about their experience of installing and living with heat pumps.