Household Energy Efficiency Installations down by 90% since 2014

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The release of the Government’s “Household Energy Efficiency Statistics” today highlights a problem with the current programme of installing energy efficiency measures in homes. Cavity wall and loft insulation funded by energy companies under the ECO scheme are down 85% since their peak in 2014. The problem was largely caused by the failure of the Green Deal, which shifted the burden of costs from the energy companies to homes owners and tenants, and now that the Green Deal has ended ECO 2 and ECO Help to Heat have failed to revive the 2014 rates of installation.

Part of the issue is that the government has been open to lobbying from energy companies and more libertarian politicians who claim that ‘green taxes’ are a significant burden on society. Transition Bath would claim the opposite, that everyone. particularly those in fuel poverty should have the right to a warm comfortable homes. And, for UK plc this is a very good investment, with 5 year paybacks, reducing our energy demand, and therefore costs, it is one of the most effective way of making the country more productive.

However, hope is not lost, if you have a home which needs insulated or a new boiler, there are still grant schemes available, some non-means tested which can provide you with financial support in reducing your home’s energy costs and making it more comfortable. B&NES Council run a scheme called ‘Energy at Home’ which a helpful advice line which will be able to tell you what support is currently available in B&NES (0800 038 5680).