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Transition Bath owns a blower door, but it is currently underused. Blower doors can be used to accurately quantify and determine where draughts are in homes by pressurising and depressurising homes using a large fan. It can tell homeowners exactly how leaky their homes are and because the fan creates hurricane-like air flows it’s also very easy to identify and remediate draughts.

We are looking for a volunteer or volunteers to set up and provide a service to homeowners in Bath. Ultimately this could be a paid service which would provide the volunteers with some income. At least one of the volunteers would need a vehicle as the equipment is reasonably heavy.

The work will involve:

  • Understanding how to use the door
  • Visiting homeowners, installing the door, and helping them to identify and reduce draughts
  • Marketing the use of the door, writing case studies etc.

Full training on the use of the blower door and support in running the project will be provided.

This is a good opportunity to learn a new skill set, potentially set up a new business and make homes in Bath and surrounding areas more energy efficient and more comfortable places to live. The service could provide an important contribution to reducing carbon emissions in Bath and help address the climate emergency.

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