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The Bath Wombles’ mission is to remove litter from our parks, streets and rivers to benefit wildlife and enhance the environment. We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate litter picks, which involves liaising with the council to borrow litter-picking equipment and creating a team of willing volunteers to help with the litter collection.

In future we would like to analyse the litter we collect and create our own Dirty Dozen to see which brands are responsible for creating the most packaging pollution.

Bath Wombles’ aim is to go beyond litter-picking and to find ways of reducing litter in the first place. One way we can do this is by educating future generations, which we plan to do via the #NoPlaceForLitter project. The Bath Wombles Coordinator would be responsible for contacting local schools to arrange to talk to the students about the effect of littering and to take them out on a short litter-pick together with a member of school staff.

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