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An Eco Together Group Champion is anyone who is concerned about climate change, who wants to be informed about what actions to take on a personal level and to inspire others to come together to take practical and tangible actions against climate change.

The goal is to encourage as many people as possible across Bath to use the Eco Together approach to learn about the four powers that each of us has to make change in our own lives and our local community in order to make a positive impact on our world. The materials on our website are free and are available to anyone. Attendance is free for all group participants.

Eco Together is an independent group that is not affiliated with any other eco, political or religious group. We urgently need volunteers to join us in encouraging people to start, join or run an Eco Together programme. This may be a group of friends, neighbours, work colleagues or a group of people that do not already know each other. We provide all the materials and the groups can be self-run or have a leader.

Volunteers to take the lead in organising a programme are also required.

Absolutely no experience is needed for either role, both roles are completely flexible as volunteers do not need to attend the 5 sessions unless you specifically want to do so.

You will be provided with all the materials that you need and will attend an introductory workshop and become part of the Eco Together support group.


  • A strong concern about the impact of climate change
  • A desire to do more yourself and see more people take action
  • A belief that together we can make change

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