Park Street Resident Garden Frog Needs Your Help!

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Transition Bath’s guerrilla gardeners created this productive community growing space in 2009. Sadly, as people moved away, it got a bit neglected last year, but enthusiasm abounds again. From a leaf-strewn state in February, it is now transformed into a flourishing food garden once again.

Park Street Comunity Garden May 2017

Many residents from Park Street and the nearby area are already enjoying fresh herbs, and awaiting with anticipation the crops of onions, potatoes, beans, carrots, beetroot, courgettes, chard and squash. The gooseberries bushes are laden with fruit and the blackcurrant bush will need netting soon so that we do not share our harvest with the local blackbird population.

One very welcome resident is a handsome and well-grown frog, who is hopefully feasting on the slugs. A small area of comfrey provides input for the compost bin as well as cool, damp shelter for our frog friend.

Gardeners and food lovers are welcome. Sunday morning 11am-1pm is the regular slot, weather permitting. It’s also a delightful place to enjoy the sun any time, any day. If you want more information or to be informed of special events, email .