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Consultation and engagement is a crucial part of Transition Bath’s transport strategy. Talking to the Council and other significant groups, or other charities and campaign groups sharing our mission to help reduce the city’s production of carbon, gives us a stronger voice and the opportunity to have real input into decisions about local transport.

Community Groups

We meet and share information with other community groups concerned about the climate emergency. This helps with our awareness of current and future transport issues and the coordination of priorities, such as supporting the roll-out of School Streets and lobbying for better public transport, especially mass transit transport.

Journey To Net Zero Forum

We are members of BANES’s Journey To Net Zero (J2NZ) Transport Forum. We have engaged the Council on how to improve this forum. We believe engagement needs to have sufficiently broad support to be durable enough to survive changes in administration and build involvement and trust across key constituencies.

To achieve transformative change, transport must be de-escalated as a political issue and cross-party support achieved at least at a strategic level, so that plans and policies survive elections. This has been done with climate change itself, as shown by the cross-party Climate Emergency resolution. We therefore advocate positive engagement with the Council and all political parties in pursuit of a cross-party Climate Emergency resolution on transport, whilst retaining the right to provide constructive criticism.

Future Transport Zone Equalities Group

We are members of the West of England Combined Authority’s (WECA) Future Transport Zone (FTZ) Equalities Group. This is currently monitoring the roll-out of the TIER green e-bikes and e-scooters. We are pushing for dedicated off-pavement parking.