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Transition Bath offers an independent, trusted, and expert heat pump advisory service which will help you navigate your way through the purchase and successful installation of a heat pump. The scheme is run in collaboration with Home heating | Green Heat Coop.

Heat Pumps:

  • Are the fastest way of decarbonising your home’s carbon emissions, instantly providing an 85% reduction in carbon emissions from heating and hot water
  • Attract a government grant of £7,500

Do you want to do your bit for the environment but don’t know where to start? If you are interested in making use of this low-cost service, please contact us by leaving your details here.

What we offer:

  • Free online webinars explaining what you need to know before purchasing a heat pump
  • Personalised advice on the feasibility of installing a heat pump at your home
  • A home visit to provide a specification for your heat pump and it’s installation in your home (2-6 hours). This includes a detailed heat loss assessment, radiator sizing, heat pump and cylinder location, advice on insulation and draught-proofing measures etc.
  • Recommended installers
  • Installer quotation evaluation
  • Help with snagging after installation (1 – 2 hours)
  • Advice on solar PV and particularly home batteries

It is a paid-for service, run at low cost and not-for-profit. We currently charge £40/hour for our services to cover our costs, which we would hope you will recoup with an installation which suits your needs. There are no obligations, you are free to use as much of the service as you like. Our aim is to provide the best installations and to promote and support the market for installing heat pumps in Bath.

We can provide the following advice and information:

  • How heat pumps work?
  • Temperature versus efficiency / cost/ CO2, weather compensation, maximising the heat pumps efficiency, minimising running costs and carbon emissions
  • Reducing flow temperatures and upsizing radiators
  • Radiator sizing
  • Which homes are most suitable
  • Locating a heat pump
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Controls
  • Time of day tariffs
  • Do you run them 24-7?
  • How to go about getting quotes? Installers versus energy companies.
  • Thermal insulation improvements, and their cost-benefits
  • Installation in historic homes
  • Advice from homeowners of similar local homes who have installed heat pumps
  • Advice on solar PV, home batteries and EV charging

All our assessors are Heat Geek fully qualified heat pump designers (Enlightenment and Mastery courses), and have many years experience of providing advice on insulation, ventilation, energy efficiency in domestic and commercial buildings.

Structure of service offering

Following discussions with Retrofit West we have changed the structure of what we offer to be more compatible with what is allowed under their voucher subsidy scheme. The advice service is now structured as follows:

  • Free 1 to 2 hour “What do you need to know before purchasing a heat pump?” webinar
  • Heat pump consultation questionnaire to be completed by homeowners
  • Free 30 minute feasibility telephone or video call discussion and quote for onsite survey costs
  • On-site heat loss, insulation advice  and heat pump advice service and report write-up (paid but subsidised)
  • Preparation of specification to installers and qualification of resulting quotes received (paid)
  • After installation snagging (paid)


During the ‘30 minute feasibility’ call we will provide a quote for the cost on the on-site heat-loss survey. The cost of this on-site service will be dependent on your home but will be approximately as follows:

Home typeFull CostSubsidised cost with Retrofit West Voucher
1-2 bed modern£250£83
2-4 bed modern£350£117
1-2 bed historic£350£117
2-4 bed historic£450£200

We would hope that the resulting report and specification would remove the need for installers to do their own surveys which are typically charged at £250 to £500 prior to each quote – potentially multiple if you are looking for quotes from multiple installers.

The underlying cost is £40/hour which covers all our overheads, and is being operated on a not-for-profit basis. We would expect to adjust this cost going forward as we gain more experience with different house types. Our aim is to make the service as efficient as possible while maintaining the best results for homeowners.

The Retrofit West voucher is only available if you live in B&NES, South Gloucestershire or Bristol.

We would also be happy to offer a more bespoke tailored approach but this my not be eligible for the Retrofit West voucher subsidy.

Contact us

You can initially contact us using the form on the Contact Us page – select ‘Energy Group’ . There are no obligations.