Sustainability Shorts at Springtime Assembly

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Climate Hub BANES invited Transition Bath to run a Sustainability Shorts event as part of their Springtime Assembly at Bath Assembly Rooms. This was a mini version of the usual format, as there were only four speakers, but there was nothing mini about the impact of the talks.

Pete Dyson, Bicycle Mayor of Bath, presented an argument for shifting the dates of Daylight Savings Time from mid-November to mid-February, which would gain 50 more days of lighter evenings, reduce energy consumption, increase outdoor activity and improve road safety. 

Marian Hill, illustrator and founder of, introduced the incredible army of invertebrates which help maintain soil health and we all fell in love with these composting, carrion and dung beetles, as well as Marian’s stunning collages of these magnificent yet overlooked creatures.

Caroline Hickman, University of Bath lecturer in social work and climate psychology, explained the different emotional responses people have to climate change and focussed on how climate change affects young people around the world. 

Aleks Domanski, filmmaker, naturalist and animal behaviour scientist, showed ultra-close-up video footage he had filmed of subterranean life, which enabled us to see how insects toil beneath the soil, emerge in Springtime and lead interdependent lives.

Thank you to all the speakers – they were completely amazing and inspirational.The next, full version of Sustainability Shorts will be held on Saturday 8 June 8th 6pm at St Mark’s Community Centre, Bath BA2 4PA, to coincide with the start of Great Big Green Week. Tickets available soon.