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With funding from the BWCE Community Fund we have finally installed the new Try-before-you-buy LED kits for you to borrow in Bath Central Library. We have had a kit in the library since December 2014, as far as we know the first such scheme in the country. The scheme has been very successful, and we have used feedback from the scheme to improve our offering, the changes include:

  1. Three kits rather than the original one to reduce the waiting list
  2. A broader range of bulbs, including standard shaped bulbs, golf ball and candle shaped bulbs with a range of bayonet and screw fixings
  3. Simplified documentation
  4. Lighter weight (the kit has been reduced from 10 kg to 5 kg)

We have also produced a fourth kit which is being lent out to other community groups (Frome, Corsham, Bradford-on-Avon) to see if this innovative project would be useful to them.

The aim of the project is to reduce the barriers to people switching from halogens to LEDs. LEDs are now of a standard and cost that you should really have no excuse but to switch, we are hoping the kit will encourage people to make the change. Economically switching is really a ‘no brainer’, by investing £50 in new LEDs you will save £60 in electricity bills in the first year and up to £300 during the 5 year guarantee period of the bulbs we are independently recommending in the kit.

Standard Shape GLS B22 Large Bayonet

Did you know you can now buy filament LEDs like the one opposite which look like the old incandescent bulbs but are 10 times more efficient – several examples are included in the kit?

If you have any halogens left in your home we insist you borrow the kit from the library, its very easy, just phone the library or fill in an online form, and they will phone you back when the kit is available – further instructions are available here.

if you have friends, family or neighbours still using halogens then let them know about the scheme. We have also produced a leaflet highlighting the scheme:

LED Leaflet 2 sided low res mail web

If you have any questions about LEDs, need advice or are interested in the project, please email us:

The aim of the project is to save £150,000 of electricity and significant carbon emissions over the course of the next 5 years by helping 1000 households upgrade.