Fungi Fruits Mushrooms

Transition Bath’s Treasurer starts sustainable mushroom business at Green Park Station

Hugh, our treasurer, has recently started a new business, Fungi Fruits. He’s using coffee grounds collected from local coffee shops to grow mushrooms in the arches under Green Park Station. He plans to sell them ‘above ground’ at the Saturday Farmers Market*, and to local restaurants. A prime example of a sustainable business, producing food with minimum food miles!
Since raising funds by crowd funding in March, Hugh has been installing various bits of kit, e.g. scaffolding to hang the bags of coffee, and a clean room to create a sterile environment in which to mix the mushroom spawn with the coffee. He’ll soon be looking for trainee mushroom growers to help expand the project. More information about the business and the process is available on his website.
* Look out for Hugh’s mushrooms at the Farmers Market in July.

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