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Do you buy The Chronicle? Could you/would you vote for Vegmead to get a Cash For Your Community award?

Vegmead, our guerrilla gardening plot in Hedgemead Park, won international recognition when Iva’s time-lapse film of its development went ‘viral’ and it was quoted by Rob Hopkins as an example of a Transition initiative.

Vegmead Little One compressed

The volunteers currently looking after Vegmead are being led by a group of PhD students from the University of Bath, who have been meeting up regularly on Sunday mornings to look after the plot, keeping it productive and looking good! Vegmead is visible from the London Road – you get a particularly good view from the bus!

A message from the volunteers running our Vegmead guerrilla gardening project in Hedgemead Park:

Vegmead community garden has been shortlisted for Bath Chronicle’s “Cash for you Community Award”, which means that we could potentially get the funding to improve Vegmead and connect further with the community: promoting an educational, sustainable and enjoyable gardening experience! We’ll also be putting on a performance of of ‘Three Acres and a Cow: a history of land rights in Britain’ which tells the story of Britain in terms of those who are not represented in the history books.

How can you help? By collecting Cash for your Community coupons in the Bath Chronicle newspaper and giving them to us!

For the meantime email me at and I’ll arrange a time to collect all your amassed coupons from you (i.e. me cycling around town to various locations),.

Many thanks,
Jon Chouler

In the current Chronicle (13th Nov), the voting coupon is printed on page 34. Vegmead’s code number is 1001. The coupons will be printed weekly in The Chronicle until 9th December. (Click on the icon to see what it looks like.) The deadline for sending the voting coupons in to The Chronicle’s offices in James Street West is 10th December. NB Jon’s offer to collect voting coupons from you the sustainable way – by bicycle.

If you’re able to collect the vouchers for Vegmead, whether you’re a member of the food group or a supporter of Transition Bath’s work, we’d be really grateful. Thank you.

Virginia Williamson
Food group convenor