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In late October, Ella Milburn led a Wild Food Foraging Adventure workshop at Transition Bath’s Smallcombe Community Nuttery. After a short introduction during which Ella emphasised the importance of safety and sustainability while foraging, Ella picked out some edible plants right beneath our feet. 

For each plant we found, we passed it around and everyone had a quick taste while Ella explained the distinguishing features, as well as any toxic plants that look similar, and how she uses them in cooking. She also made recommendations for beginner foragers. 

Walking around the nuttery, we were introduced to a sloe bush, as well as some of the fruit trees. We tried medlar fruits, which we squashed to find a sweet pulp inside that tasted a bit like stewed apple. 

We left the nuttery and went on a short walk along some of the nearby paths. Ella pointed out marjoram, plantain, sorrel, garlic mustard, chicory, wood avens, yarrow, and more. Some of the uses mentioned were potage, spices, tea, and a few medicinal uses. Many of them had a delicious, distinctive flavour. It was a warm and sunny autumn day and the foliage looked beautiful. We took in some wonderful views from the nuttery and the neighbouring hills. 

We had a lovely morning and went home looking forward to future foraging workshops. Those who had foraged before added to their knowledge, and for those of us who hadn’t foraged before, the workshop opened up a world of possibility. Thank you, Ella. 

Words by Isobel Raynes.

Check out Ella’s foraging Instagram here