YMCA raised beds get a makeover from Transition Bath

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A small corner has had an uplift!

The courtyard at the YMCA is quite a busy place – people staying at the YMCA, locals using it as a shortcut, and others finding it a quiet place to sit and chat.

It used to have an un-lovely raised garden, and suddenly it is transformed! Photo details are attached.

So who did it?

Transition Bath has a tradition of finding unloved corners around the city and turning them into beautiful and productive places. A group of Transition Bath volunteers and friends congregated with gardening tools, some fresh compost (peat-free of course) and some plants.

Transition Bath is all about finding ways of living that make for local resilience and less reliance on fossil fuel. Food is part of the Transition story, with a concern for growing food locally and sharing it. The crops in the YMCA bed are there for anyone to share – tomatoes, courgettes and chives, with a few flowers just to make it bright and cheery. And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire one or two people to try a bit of ‘grow your own’. But even if not, maybe it will put smiles on faces. We had plenty of smiles and cheerful comments yesterday, including from the local police community support officer. 

Dead vegetation and litter – definitely un-lovely:

What a transformation!

A helping hand from our local PCSO

Relaxing – job done!