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Transition Bath wins £1,500 grant from BWCE to roll out more LED Try-before-you-buy kits

We have just been notified that we have won a £1,500 grant from the BWCE Community Fund to enhance our LED Try-before-you-buy kit which has been receiving rave reviews.

We aim to use the money to:

  • produce 4 more down-lighter kits, 3 of which will be available from Bath Central Library, and one will be available for other community groups outside Bath to use (we have been asked for help by a number of groups)
  • to produce a new kit containing more generic lighting types, for example standard bayonet fit (like the one pictured) and edison screw bulbs – which will be available from Bath Central Library
  • To produce a leaflet to help advertise the service
  • To pay for some marketing to help us hit our target of delivering the kit to 1,000 homes over the next 5 years

Our objectives for the grant are to hit the following targets:

  • to deliver the kits to 1,000 homes over the next 5 years
  • to replace 10,000 halogen bulbs or 10 bulbs per home (most homes have many halogen down-lighters)
  • to save residents of Bath approximately £175,000 (10,000 bulbs x 2 hours per day x 5 years @ ~£5 saving per year per bulb)
  • to save 1,500,000 kWh of electricity
  • to save 400 tonnes of CO2

The benefit of the scheme is that is reduced barriers to people switching as they can try bulbs for themselves before purchasing and can determine whether they are compatible with their existing light fittings and they like the quality of the light.

If you want to get involved with the project we will be discussing it at out next Energy Group monthly meeting in April.

The grant is coincident with the EU announcing it is considering banning halogen lighting – a move which we very much support but which hasn’t necessarily gone down very well in the tabloid press.

We would like to thank the BWCE Community Fund for their generosity in making this grant to us.

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