Example solar farm with wild flowers

2.3 MW Solar Farm gains planning approval at Marksbury

B&NES Council have approved a planning application for a solar PV farm at Marksbury, just to the west of Bath.

The solar PV farm will:

  • have over 8000 panels with a capacity of 2.3 MW
  • will be the largest in the B&NES area and provide Bath with 2% of its renewable energy target and increase its current renewable capacity by 400%
  • it will provide enough electricity for 575 homes, enough to power Marksbury and a number of surrounding villages
  • it will occupy 12 acres, the intention is that the area around the panels will become a wild-flower meadow or be used for grazing of sheep

There is an opportunity for community ownership which Bath & West Community Energy is currently discussing with the developers.

The scheme still has one last hurdle to surmount – it requires approval from Eric Pickles, Minister at the Department of Communities and Local Government.

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